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Well Written Essay Help – How to write an Essay

Well Written Essay Help – How to write an Essay

Well written essay help or how to write a stellar essay. It’s not easy to write a well-written essay. Let us help you get better and hone your skills.

The first step to writing a well written essay is to find out the essay criteria, sometimes called the rubric or style sheet, from the teacher or professor. I’m forever amazed that students start writing before they know what is expected of the essay. Typically an essay rubric will include words needed, topic selection information, number of sources to cite, and type of citations. Don’t start writing until you have the rubric. This will help you get better as a writer.

Step 2 in the process is to choose a topic. You should have a general idea from the rubric. generally your writing topic should either be something you have an interest in, or a topic that you would like to learn about. The service writer in you will help you choose your topic.

The next step is to do the appropriate research. If you are doing a book report, then the first step is to read the book – duh. Don’t settle for just the Cliff notes, you won’t have a good grasp of  the subject matter. Actually read the book.

For a research topic, use sources from your local library or school library. The internet is nice, but sometimes it hard to figure out which sites are good sources. So start with actual books for sources and add internet resources once you have some grasp of the subject at hand. This will make it easier to determine legit internet sources from bogus ones.

With the research complete, now you need to write your topic or theme statement. This should be a sentence that announces to the reader the topic of the paper. Completing your opening paragraph should tell the reader what he is about to read.

The next few paragraphs should be used to backup your theme statement. Finally, your concluding paragraph should tell the reader a summary of the theme. So open and tell the reader the topic, discuss the essay topic, and then tell the reader what you told them. Easy right?

Also you may check out writing.com interactive. They have some resources on how to write a well written essay. 

Oh, I almost forgot. After you complete your essay, look for your A.

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