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How to Write a Suitable Lab Report Format

By definition, a lab report is basically an account of all activities undertaken within a scientific lab experiment. Various disciplines such as physics, chemistry, and biology involve laboratory experiments. To make the document easily comprehensible, you need to adhere to a specific format that is internationally recognized. The following is the correct lab report format.

  • Title

This is the name of the report. It is meant to draw a reader’s attention to the work. It should have a clear presentation of the work within the report.

  • Introduction

In this section, you need to state the aim of the experiment. You can also state the hypothesis therein. After that, you can conduct a literature review to support your research. You can use different sources of information including past studies. Additionally, you can opt to give some formulas or a paragraph on how the fundamental principles under study can be utilized in creating measurements.

  • Procedure

Indicate all the variables you intend to measure. Typically, it involves changing a parameter of the system and measuring its effects. Specify every measurement detail and the instruments used in the process. Describe all assumptions and uncertainties

  •  Results

Here you should provide any charts and tables indicating your measurements with units. Compute your final answer which might include averages, standard deviations and slope calculations in significant figures.

  • Discussion and Conclusion

Present each finding from the experiment and objectively evaluate the outcomes. Take an unbiased and candid approach while executing all these. State the deviations between the observed results and the theory. Discuss the sources of variations concerning errors and estimations. Lastly, suggest any improvements for further study.

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