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What is Anime Planet or Anime-Planet? – For Parents

What is Anime Planet or Anime-Planet? – For Parents


Has you child recently asked to subscribe to anime planet or anime-planet? Well you’re not alone. Ini fact, they now have over 5 million subscribers and are growing fast. So what is anime planet and should I let my children watch it? Is anime-planet safe?


Let’s start with the basics. Anime is computer generated cartoons of hand drawings. This art form started in Japan and has become very popular in the United States in the last ten years or so. Believe it or not, its not just kids that watch but young adults can be big fans as well, think Pokemon.

Is Anime Planet safe to Watch

As a parent you should know that many of the titles have adult themes . Topics include teen pregnancy, Sexual Abuse, prostitution, Drug Use, or others. A quick search led to over 16,000 videos that include these topics. That’s obviously a lot so if you have young children, you should monitor and approve (or disapprove) what they watch. Anime can be very “adult”. Don’t think of them as only cartoons. They can have very adult topics.

To give you an idea, I was able to find 45,000 videos on the site. There are probably more when you search. If 16,000 have adult themes then about 1 in 3 anime may not be appropriate for your child and they certainly would not be appropriate at a child’s happy birthday party.

Anyway, below is the full press release announcing the service from the parent company HIDIVE. I hope this article will help you find appropriate anime for your child.

Also, if you or your child needs help writing an essay, may about anime, contact us.

HOUSTON, TX – March 19, 2020 – Today, HIDIVE and Anime-Planet announced a partnership that enables Anime-Planet’s more than 5 million monthly users to stream a selection of HIDIVE’s anime catalog directly on Users can browse and view HIDIVE’s vast anime library using Anime-Planet’s interface, which is integrated with many other site features, such as personalized recommendations, anime and manga list tracking, reviews and other community features.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Anime-Planet to deliver HIDIVE’s exciting anime content to Anime-Planet’s passionate users,” said John Ledford, HIDIVE president and founder. “ is a fan-favorite destination for content discovery, crowd-sourced reviews, recommendations, streaming aggregated legal anime and all-things-fandom. We’re pleased to add more value to that experience through our HIDIVE player and other content geared toward Anime-Planet users.”

“We’re so excited to announce this partnership with HIDIVE,” said Kim Cameron, Anime-Planet founder. “HIDIVE offers many unique simulcasts and content from Japan that our community will love, and will give our community even more choices for supporting the legal anime industry. We’re thrilled to start surfacing HIDIVE’s anime offerings through our content database and recommendation engine.”

About Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet was created by fans, for fans. Reaching 5 million users a month, the site is the most popular destination for streaming legal anime from many industry partners. Anime-Planet offers the ability to track the anime you’ve seen, and the manga, webtoons, and OELs that you’ve read; has personalized anime and manga recommendations; and has a vast content database for anime and manga, tags, characters, and staff.

HIDIVE, LLC operates the HIDIVE branded entertainment streaming service available via web browser, mobile devices and gaming platforms. HIDVE offers a vast array of Japanese pop-culture programming spanning six decades. From the latest anime simulcasts direct from Japan together with exclusive DUBCAST editions, to classic series and kaiju films of yesteryear, HIDIVE’s all-you-can-watch catalog offers something for everyone. HIDIVE’s parent, Sentai Holdings LLC, is a Cool Japan Fund portfolio company.

For more information, or to start a free trial, visit HIDIVE and DUBCAST are trademarks of © HIDIVE LLC.


A quick search revealed that there is no anime for movie classics like Animal House , The Jerk, or Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Some enterprising aspiring anime artist should look at these titles. Not only are they great fun, I think they could be animated.

Imagine Steve Martin as a animate character.

Photo by Danny Choo

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